The First Day

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After holiday, all the students come back to school to resume theirs studies. I am as the teacher also come back to school. Today, our agenda is opening ceremony in the field and cleaning the classroom. 

As a class's tutor, I supervise the students in my class to clean our class. After that, I read the present list to identify the student who has come and who hasn't. There is a student who has not come back to school with acceptable reason.

After cleaning, the students may back to their room or do the other thing. I go to teacher's office to do my other job.

Actually, we may go back to home after finishing the class cleaning. But, it is too early for me to go back home. So I decide to prepare the questions for examination. 

I prepare two subjects, Nahwu and Insya for eleventh grade. Every subject need 15 questions. I make the questions base on our lessons this semester and write it on the paper. I plan to type it at home.

One by one the other teachers begin to go back. I feel so bore and hungry because of thinking too much. So I follow the and also go back. It is time to continue my task at home.

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